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Nihon Image Works (有限会社日本イメージワークス) was established in Tokyo on August 1, 1991 by Keiichi Onogi (小野木圭一), formerly a producer at NCS. The studio was well known for its life-simulation games, particularly the Graduation and Debut series. Teruyuki Teshima (手島照之), previously a programmer at BEC, was the company president after 2000.

It was initially just a production and licensing company; it merged with the PC game production team Head Room in March 1992, and a development office was opened in Shibuya in August 1994. The company name was changed to Image Works Co., Ltd. (株式会社イメージワークス) in April 1995. It appears to have closed down around 2004.


  • Mercurius Pretty (production, some graphics?) (JP Publisher: NEC Avenue)
Developer: Long Shot; Production: Head Room, Marcus; Sound: Two Five
  • Sotsugyou II: Neo generation (production)
Developer: Tenky; Planning: Head Room; Sound: Two Five


  • Ojousama Sousamou (production) (JP Publisher: NEC)
Developer: Fill in Cafe; Planning: Head Room


  • Arc The Lad II (some graphics) (JP Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment)
Developer: G-Craft
  • Debut 21 (JP Publisher: NEC Interchannel)
Scenario: Studio Comix; Debugging: WAND; Support: Spiel, Marcus
  • Ecsaform (JP Publisher: Bandai Visual)
Some CG Movies, "Ecsaform Navigator" Construction: Scitron & Art
  • Lupin Sansei: Cagliostro no Shiro - Saikai (planning) (JP Publisher: Asmik)
Developer: Shangri-La; CG Production: Omnibus Japan, SAINS, Image, Marcus, Tomason
  • Neues (JP Publisher: Escot)
  • Pachi Pachi Saga (graphics support) (JP Publisher: TEN)
Developer: Nexus Interact
  • Pixygarden (JP Publisher: Escot)

Super Famicom/Super NES

  • Lennus II: Fuuin no Shito (some graphics) (JP Publisher: Asmik)
  • Tenchi Souzou / Terranigma (some graphics) (JP Publisher: Enix; EU Publisher: Nintendo)
Developer: Quintet
  • Youchien Senki Madara (some graphics) (JP Publisher: Datam Polystar)
Developer: Nexus Interact; Some Graphics: Mint; Some Map Design: Shout! Design Works