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Fill in Cafe Co., Ltd. (株式会社フィルインカフェ) was a development company based in Shinjuku, Tokyo. [1] Its origins can be traced back to Team Cross Wonder, which consisted of friends Takumi Amano (天野匠) and System Sacom artist Toshinobu Kondo (近藤敏信).[1] After developing the X68000 title Mission Metal Sight, Amano went on to produce Neural Gear under the name Team Fill in Cafe. He eventually incorporated Fill in Cafe in 1991. [2] (Kondo would do work for Fill in Cafe as a contractor, and later started Studio Saizensen which employs several ex-Fill in Cafe staff.) After gaining notoriety for games such as the Asuka 120% series, the company filed for bankruptcy in 1998.[1]

Research Methods: Actual mentions, online resources


  • Sotsugyou II: Neo Generation Special (JP Publisher: Shar Rock)
  • Tanjou: Debut Pure (JP Publisher: Shar Rock)


  • Jan Jan Paradise (Electro Design)
  • Taisen Idol Mahjong Final Romance 2 (Video System)

FM Towns[edit]

  • Asuka 120% Burning Fest (JP Publisher: Family Soft)
  • Asuka 120% Burning Fest Excellent (JP Publisher: Family Soft)
  • Mad Stalker: Full Metal Force (JP Publisher: Family Soft)
  • Shinjuku Labyrinth (JP Publisher: Game Technopolis)


  • Charm 2: Nijiiro no Kaze (JP Publisher: Acid Plan)
  • Crasher Joe: Kanraku Wakusei no Inbou (JP Publisher: Family Soft)
  • Kidou Senshi Gundam MS Field 2 '92 (JP Publisher: Family Soft)
  • Kidou Senshi Gundam MS Field 2 '93 (JP Publisher: Family Soft)
  • Kyouiku Jisshuu: Joshi Kousei Maniacs (JP Publisher: Tetratech)
  • Metal Mover Jastrike (JP Publisher: Apple Pie)
  • Photo Genic (planning, sound) (JP Publisher: Sunsoft)
Developer: Zerosystem; Some Graphics: Outback, Upshot
  • Pitapat (JP Publisher: Victor)
  • Vastness: Kuukyo no Ikenietachi (JP Publisher: Mediax)
  • Yamashina Keisuke no Sengoku (JP Publisher: Takeru)


  • Makeruna! Makendou Z (JP Publisher: NEC)
  • Ojousama Sousamou (JP Publisher: NEC)
  • Voice Paradise (programming, graphics) (JP Publisher: NEC)
Scenario: Adventure Planning Service; Music: Mint; Voice Production & Coordination: Scitron & Art
  • Wakusei Kougekitai: Little Cats (JP Publisher: NEC)

PC Engine CD/TurboGrafx-CD[edit]

  • Asuka 120% Maxima: Burning Fest (JP Publisher: Family Soft)
  • Championship Rally (JP Publisher: Intec)
  • Gain Ground SX (some graphics) (JP Publisher: NEC Avenue)
  • Galaxy Deka Gayvan (JP Publisher: Intec)
  • Kakutou Haou Densetsu Algunos (JP Publisher: Intec)
  • Mad Stalker: Full Metal Force (JP Publisher: NEC)
  • Ruin: Kami no Isan (JP Publisher: Victor)


  • Asuka 120% Excellent: Burning Fest (JP Publisher: Family Soft)
  • Asuka 120% Special: Burning Fest Special (JP Publisher: Family Soft)
  • Community POM (JP Publisher: Fill in Cafe)
  • Elfin Paradise (JP Publisher: ASK Kodansha)
Some Graphics: Kool Kizz; Scenario: Upshot; Music: CHOIR/Witch; Animation Production: Jitensha; Character Design & Illustration: Studio Live
  • Hatsukoi Valentine (JP Publisher: Family Soft)
  • Hissatsu Pachinko Station (JP Publisher: Sunsoft)
  • Jounetsu Nekketsu Athletes: Nakimushi Coach no Diary (co-developer?) (JP Publisher: Asmik)
Co-Developer?: Soft Target; Sound: Mint
  • Luciferd (JP Publisher: TEN)
  • Mad Stalker: Full Metal Force (JP Publisher: Family Soft)
  • Makeruna! Makendou 2 (JP Publisher: Datam Polystar)
  • Metamor Panic: Doki Doki Youma Busters (JP Publisher: Family Soft)
  • Night Striker (JP Publisher: Ving)
  • PAL: Shinken Densetsu (JP Publisher: Tohoku Shinsha)
  • Panzer Bandit (JP Publisher: Banpresto)
  • Photo Genic (production, sound, some graphics) (JP Publisher: Sunsoft)
Developer: Zerosystem; Animation Production: Jitensha; Some Graphics: Astrovision, Outback, Upshot
  • Voice Paradise Excella (JP Publisher: ASK Kodansha)
  • Zero4 Champ DooZy-J (co-developed with Zerosystem?) (JP Publisher: Media Rings)


  • Asuka 120% Limited: Burning Fest (JP Publisher: ASK Kodansha)
  • Mahou no Janshi Poe Poe Poemy (game design?) (JP Publisher: Imagineer)
Programming, Graphics: Eleca
  • Night Striker S (JP Publisher: Ving)
  • Sankyo Fever: Jikki Simulation S (JP Publisher: TEN)

Super Famicom/Super NES[edit]

  • Kiteretsu Daihyakka: Cho Jiku Sugoroku (JP Publisher: Video System)
  • Lennus II: Fuuin no Shito (JP Publisher: Asmik)


  • Metamor Panic: Doki Doki Youma Busters (JP Publisher: Family Soft)


  • Asuka 120% Burning Fest (JP Publisher: Family Soft)
  • Mad Stalker: Full Metal Forth (JP Publisher: Family Soft)
  • Mission Metal Sight (JP Publisher: System Sacom)
  • Neural Gear (JP Publisher: Crossmedia Soft)
  • Pitapat (JP Publisher: Victor)

Further reading[edit]

1. Szczepaniak, John. The Untold History of Japanese Game Developers: Volume 2: Monochrome. United States: SMG Szczepaniak, 2015. Print.