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GDRI (Game Developer Research Institute) is a website dedicated to researching the companies and people involved with video game development, especially the hidden world of contract development. To find out more about who we are and what we do, read our about page. Otherwise, please click one of the links on the menu to the left, or read our blog below. (For increased enjoyment, go to a random page.)


For the time being, new blog entries will be posted on our Cohost account. Here are the ten latest posts:

Taking a look at the X68000 and PC-98 versions of the Amiga shooter Xenon 2, ported by System Sacom
Why are there all these people from GameFan magazine in the ending credits?
Yes, they made Space Harrier for the Famicom.
Kenji Eno's Contra clone
An unreleased Super Famicom baseball game, apparently developed by Arc System Works
Interesting things about the TurboGrafx barbarian action game
Some history on Jaleco's early arcade shooter
Looking at the rare PC-98 version of the classic Karateka
They're not games; they're videos on CD-ROM.
Why does Arc take credit for this?

You can still read older blog entries below:

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