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Former software engineer at Ringler Studios
Microsmiths co-founder
Former programmer at Unexpected Development
Founder, EA Sports/Double Diamond Sports/Spectacular Games
Former Hot-B programmer and Opera House contractor
President of Magitec
Founder of Realtime Associates Seattle Division
Ex-proprietor of Ironwind Software, frequent subcontractor to Realtime Associates
Sega Mega Drive/Genesis programmer, ran Foley Hi-Tech
Parker Brothers contractors
Programmer talks about his early days in the industry and unreleased games
Microsmiths co-founder
Former video game artist talks generally about the industry as it was
Former music composer with Culture Brain
Former artist at Sega Midwest Studio
Highlights of a conversation with this former Data East/TAD/Use programmer
Former employee of Hertz (Psycho World).
Producer/Director, G-Sat