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Watanabe-san's answers have not been edited.

GDRI: What was G-Sat?

MW: G-Sat was a game developer company established by Sega and AsatsuDK(ADK).

[ED: Asatsu-DK is an advertising agency and not to be confused with the developer ADK.]

GDRI: Do you remember what games were done at G-Sat?

MW: For Mega Drive:
Doraemon-to-7nin-no-Gozance ;in japanese
(Doraemon & 7 bad fellows)

For Sega Saturn:
Ishii Hisaichi-no-Dai-Seikai ;in japanese
(The political world by Hisaichi Ishii)

[ED: The latter was actually for Mega CD.]

GDRI: What was your position with the company?

MW: Director and Producer

GDRI: Did the company go out of business?

MW: Yes. G-sat have been working for 2-3 years.

Thanks to Watanabe-san for his time. He currently heads up GU, maker of Hexcite and other games.

Interview conducted via e-mail by CRV in February 2008.