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Started by Rex Bradford and Charlie Heath after Activision closed its Boston design center [1] in the spring of 1984. [2] Was incorporated for 10 years before it closed. [3]

Research Methods: Actual mentions, interviews (see below), online resources (see Links), shared credits

Related Interviews: Rex Bradford, Charlie Heath


  • Mean 18 (US Publisher: Accolade)

Apple II

  • H.E.R.O. (US Publisher: Activision)
  • Mathematics Unlimited
  • Pitfall II: Lost Caverns (US Publisher: Activision)

Apple IIGS

  • Mean 18 (US Publisher: Accolade)

Atari ST

  • Little Computer People (US Publisher: Activision)
  • Mean 18 (US Publisher: Accolade)

Commodore 64

  • Counting Parade (US Publisher: Spinnaker)
  • Sum Ducks (US Publisher: Spinnaker)


  • Mean 18 (US Publisher: Accolade)


  • Drac's Night Out (unreleased) (Parker Brothers)


  • Mean 18 (US Publisher: Accolade)

Mark III/Master System

  • King's Quest: Quest for the Crown (US Publisher: Parker Brothers)

Mega Drive/Genesis

  • Beanball Benny (unreleased) (Nuvision)
  • Bimini Run (US Publisher: Nuvision)
  • Jack Nicklaus' Power Challenge Golf (US/EU Publisher: Accolade)
  • Swamp Thing (unreleased) (Nuvision)
Music: Advanced Audio Productions