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That bit in Itakura's book that's linked [1] goes into rather dramatic detail about what happened with Matsuda and Radical Plan shutting down:

松田はザップから独立したあと、自分で「ラディカルプラン」というゲームソフト会社を蒲田につくってやっていた。 目利きの彼はいち早くオンラインゲームの可能性に気づき、それに大きく投資していた。
After Matsuda left Zap, he created his own game software company in Kamata called "Radical Plan". He had realized the potential of online games early, and was investing heavily in the idea.
However, when you're taking investment, the story tends to get more complicated. This was a time when nobody thought online games would ever be popular. Neither the shareholders nor the employees understood Matsuda's vision. Thus, they moved to force Matsuda out of the company.
A kind person at heart, Matsuda didn't realize this until the very end. By the time he did realize, it had already been decided, and he took the money that remained at the company and ran. As he took no executive compensation, and loaned his own money to the company, to him this was the proper action to take. If he was being forced out of the company, he would take with him the money he'd loaned.
People from the company came to Matsuda's home to recover the money he'd taken. He apparently snuck out of his own home and hid under a car in a nearby parking lot through the night. He was afraid to come out, terrified of the sounds of footsteps of people who were looking for him.
He managed to escape and hide out in Fukushima, only returning to Tokyo years later once all the legal matters had finally been settled.
I'm not sure how much to believe the more dramatic details here, but it lines up with Wada's story of the company's president literally disappearing. --Dimitri (talk) 23:33, 18 May 2019 (UTC)

Does the Gamasutra article mean Radical Plan worked on Harvest Moon? Or were their contributions scrapped (which, for such a late game, I doubt happened...)? - Andlabs (talk) 01:48, 6 May 2013 (CEST)

They were the original developer, but it sounds like most of what they did was thrown out. CRV (talk) 13:22, 6 May 2013 (CEST)