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Minamimachi Bugyousyo (有限会社南町奉行所) was an animation studio. It was allegedly a subsidiary of Seta.

The old company website gives an address in Suginami, Tokyo [1], but a Google search turns up an address in Sakasegawa, Takarazuka, the same as Kan's (兵庫県宝塚市逆瀬川1丁目11番1号). As for their Tokyo office, developer PicPac Airreal (Guilty Gear X) was located on the same floor. [2]

Research Methods: Actual mentions, interviews, online resources


  • Unknown fighting game (circa 1989?)
According to programmer Yasuhide Sakakura, Minamimachi Bugyousyo brought him in to fix something in a game they were programming that used a Konami board. [3] [4]


  • Silva Saga (programming?) (JP Publisher: Seta)
Developer: Artec; Music: Opus
  • UWC (unreleased) (Seta)
Developer: Thinking Rabbit

Game Boy

  • Ayakashi no Shiro (JP Publisher: Seta)
Sound?: Thinking Rabbit?
  • Trump Boy (JP Publisher: Pack-In-Video)
Developer: Thinking Rabbit
  • Trump Boy II (JP Publisher: Pack-In-Video)
Developer: Thinking Rabbit