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Ikusabune logo

Ikusabune Co., Ltd. (株式会社企画デザイン工房戦船) was established March 28, 1991 and headed by Toshio Akashi (赤司俊雄). The company's focus was on planning, CG design, and animation; programming and sound were usually handled by a co-developer or outsourced.

It merged with Seta in April 2004, with Ikusabune's development business becoming Seta Visual Contents Department (セタ映像コンテンツ事業本部). Seta was shuttered by its parent company Aruze on February 9, 2009, including the former Ikusabune studio.

As Ikusabune


  • Grandia II (CG movie) (JP Publisher: Game Arts; US/EU Publisher: Ubisoft)
  • Shinki Sekai Evolution / Evolution: The World of Sacred Device (some graphics) (JP Publisher: ESP; US/EU Publisher: Ubisoft)
Developer: Sting

Mega CD/Sega CD

  • Lunar: Eternal Blue (planning cooperation, direction) (JP Publisher: Game Arts; US Publisher: Working Designs)
  • Lunar: The Silver Star (planning cooperation, direction) (JP Publisher: Game Arts; US Publisher: Working Designs)
  • Silpheed (planning cooperation, visual direction, CG demo) (JP Publisher: Game Arts; US/EU Publisher: Sega)


  • Kasei Monogatari (graphics work) (JP Publisher: ASCII)
Developer: Japan Vistec

PlayStation 2

  • Gungrave (game design, graphics) (JP Publisher: Red; US Publisher: Sega; EU/AU Publisher: Activision)
Production: Red Entertainment; Programming, Some Planning & Scripting: Positron; Some Art: Kusanagi; Sound: SuperSweep, Sisworks
  • Gungrave O.D. / Gungrave: Overdose (planning, production) (JP Publisher: Red; US Publisher: Mastiff; UK/AU Publisher: Play It)
  • Silpheed: The Lost Planet (planning, direction, picture continuity, CG movie) (JP Publisher: Capcom; US Publisher: Working Designs; EU Publisher: Swing! Entertainment)
Co-Developers: Treasure, Game Arts


  • Grandia (picture continuity) (JP Publisher: Game Arts)
  • Lunar 2: Eternal Blue (planning cooperation, direction, character demo) (JP Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten)
  • Senkutsu Katsuryu Taisen: Chaos Seed (CG movie planning/production, advertisement cooperation) (JP Publisher: ESP)


  • Digiko no Kobeya (planning, production) (JP Publisher: Broccoli)
  • Galaxy Angel (planning, production) (JP Publisher: Broccoli)
  • Galaxy Angel: Eternal Lovers (planning, production) (JP Publisher: Broccoli)
  • Galaxy Angel: Moonlit Lovers (planning, production) (JP Publisher: Broccoli)


  • Galaxy Angel (planning, production) (JP Publisher: Broccoli)

As Seta Visual Contents Department

Xbox 360

  • Project Sylpheed / Project Sylpheed: Arc of Deception (co-developed with Game Arts) (JP/US/EU Publisher: Square Enix)
Some Planning, Some Script: Opus; Some Planning: Ideapocket; Some Script: Fupac; Some Graphics: Crestworks, Chickenhead; Sound Programming: Runtime; Some Sound: T's Music, Two Five