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This entry is not finished. Please use with caution.

M.P.Run (エムプラン, also commonly written as "M Plan") was a graphic design company established in 1986 and headed by Akihiko Yoshida (吉田晶彦). [1]

Though M.P.Run did some early work for Quest, a different Akihiko Yoshida (吉田明彦) also worked for Quest and later Square, and is unrelated. That Akihiko Yoshida joined Quest in 1989; due to this confusion, no Quest games will be listed here unless M.P.Run is explicitly mentioned.


  • Faria: Fuuin no Tsurugi / Faria: A World of Mystery & Danger! (lead graphics?) (JP Publisher: Hi-Score Media Work; US Publisher: Nexoft)
Developer: Game Arts; Music: Mecano Associates
  • Maharaja (graphics) (JP Publisher: Sunsoft)
Developer: Quest
  • Sugoro Quest: Dice no Senshi-tachi (some graphics?) (JP Publisher: Technos Japan)

Mega CD/Sega CD

  • Prince of Persia (graphics) (JP Publisher: Victor; US/EU Publisher: Sega)
Developer: Bits Laboratory


  • Dragon Buster (character design, graphics, manual illustrations) (JP Publisher: Enix)
  • Zeilard (some graphics?) (JP Publisher: Game Arts)


  • 101 Kaime no Approach Shot (original picture) (JP Publisher: IDES)
  • ANGEL (some graphics) (JP Publisher: IDES)
  • Dengeki Nurse 2 ~More Sexy~ (some graphics) (JP Publisher: IDES)
  • JYB ~Mehame Haruuga wa Himitsu no Jumon~ (some graphics) (JP Publisher: IDES)
  • Kekkou Kamen ~Oshioki Paradise no Maki~ (some graphics) (JP Publisher: Dynamic Production)
  • Kerakera-sei (original picture, coloring) (JP Publisher: IDES)
  • Lodoss-tou Senki: Haiiro no Majo (some graphics) (JP Publisher: Humming Bird Soft)
  • Noushuku Angel 120% (some graphics) (JP Publisher: IDES)
  • Yumeji - Asakusa-Kitan (original picture) (JP Publisher: IDES)

PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16

  • Moto Roader II (graphics) (JP Publisher: Masaya)
Developer: JTS; Music: Opus

PC Engine CD/TurboGrafx CD

  • Dennou Tenshi: Digital Ange (some graphics) (JP Publisher: Tokuma Shoten Intermedia)
Production: News; Some Graphics: Studio Nova
  • Ranma 1/2: Datou, Ganso Musabetsu Kakutou-Ryuu! (some graphics) (JP Publisher: Masaya)
Developer: KLON; Some Graphics: Micro Creative, Winds, Kumasan Team


  • DX Okuman Chouja Game II: The Money Battle (some graphics) (JP Publisher: Takara)
Developer: POW; Programming: OeRSTED; Some Graphics: Algo-Nicus, WildCard Project; Sound: T's Music
  • Little Lovers: She So Game (graphics) (JP Publisher: NTT)
Developer: VR-1 Japan; Programming: OeRSTED; Graphics: Algo-Nicus, Kagura
  • Marl Oukoku no Ningyou Hime / Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure (some field map graphics) (JP Publisher: Nippon Ichi Software; US Publisher: Atlus)
  • Wizard's Harmony (original coloring) (JP Publisher: Arc System Works)
Sound Production: Feathered Sound Works

PlayStation 2

  • America Oudan Ultra Quiz (environment graphics) (JP Publisher: DigiCube)
Developer: Progress; Character Graphics: Algo-Nicus; Music, Voice Editing: T's Music
  • Mahou Tsukai Kurohime (some graphics?) (JP Publisher: Tomy)
Developer: Astroll?
  • Sakigake!! Cromartie Koukou (environment graphics) (JP Publisher: DigiCube) [2]
Developer: Progress; Design, Production: Ivy; Character Graphics: Algo-Nicus; Sound Direction: T's Music; Music, Sound Effects: Mudio


  • Wizard's Harmony (original coloring) (JP Publisher: Arc System Works)
Sound Production: Feathered Sound Works

Super Famicom/Super NES

  • Gambler Jiko Chuushinha 2: Dorapon Quest (some graphics) (JP Publisher: Pack-In-Video)


  • Injuu Gakuen EX ~La Blue Girl~ (coloring) (JP Publisher: IDES)
  • Virtua Call 3 (coloring) (JP Publisher: F&C)


  • Zeilard (some graphics?) (JP Publisher: Game Arts)