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Developer founded by Hirotoshi Motoyama (本山博敏) in 1994. Motoyama was previously managing director of Coconuts Japan and later senior vice president of Planning Office Wada, president of VR-1 Japan [1], senior vice president of PCCW Japan, and now owner of Comolink. [2]

Allegedly a brand used by Planning Office Wada for games published by Sony Music Entertainment. [3]


  • Ippatsu Gyakuten: Gamble King Densetsu (some graphics?) (JP Publisher: Planning Office Wada)
  • Mahou Shoujo Fancy CoCo (some graphics?) (JP Publisher: Planning Office Wada)
  • Naniwa no Akindo: Futte Nanbo no Saikoro Jinsei (JP Publisher: Sony Music Entertainment)
  • Two-Tenkaku (JP Publisher: Sony Music Entertainment)
Some Graphics: ADS