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Something perhaps of note: The one Kaken release doesn't use the same UPC prefix as the Varie-branded releases. Kaken used 493437, while Varie used 495902. Strangely, Unipacc's X-Dazedly-Ray also uses this prefix (4959020001060, which slots between Parallel World and Monster Truck), even though they had different Sega publisher codes (Unipacc had T-41*, Varie had T-72*). Was there some connection between Varie and Unipacc?

Incidentally, all of the PS1 & Saturn Sonnet releases also use Varie's UPC prefix except for Nightruth 3, which uses Lay-up's (and indeed credits Lay-up as publisher). --Dimitri (talk) 08:48, 4 May 2017 (CEST)