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-The Wingman PC games from 1984-86 hav a TamTam copyright and were programmed by Kanao. Presumably this was a nickname he used at the time, as the company itself wasn't established for another seven years or so.

-A lot of their later titles are missing, they claim to have worked on: Saturn (16 titles), PS1 (19 titles), GB/GBC (5 titles), GBA (6 titles), PC (5 titles), PS2 (18 titles), DS (34 titles), PSP (9 titles), Wii (1 title),, 3DS (8 titles), Arcade (3 titles), plus a bunch of mobile/pachinko stuff.

-A code comparison between their SFC titles also turned up Dragon Knight IV and Doukyuusei 2 somewhat consistently, but nothing in the credits indicates their involvement. It's suspicious though as TamTam has ported other Elf titles, and Kanao worked for Elf years earlier... --Dimitri (talk) 05:55, 18 March 2017 (CET)