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Research notes:

  • Shichijo's works list includes three titles by this company: "Bouken Yuuki Pluster World", "Inuyasha", and "Zeon no Keifu (Dreamcast ver.)" -- no further details
  • His description of the company: "We'd been talking at Quintet about breaking off and starting another company, so this was started with the people who were willing to join in. It went well at first, but there was some trouble during the development of Inuyasha and I lost my will to manage a business."
  • Orphen and PS1 Inuyasha both directly name Giant Seven in the credits. PS2 Inuyasha does not, but it appears to be by basically the same team as the PS1 title (including Shichijo) it came out just after he claims to have shut down the company due to business difficulties. DC Zeon no Keifu doesn't have any link that I can find in the credits. Pluster World also doesn't list a specific title (there were three, all for GBA), but the other two are apparently by Will -- though I haven't found credits for any of them.
  • Since Giant Seven's closure, Shichijo has been working as a freelance graphic and web designer under the banner of "Studio Seven House". [1]

--Dimitri (talk) 05:02, 8 April 2017 (CEST)