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Not to be confused with Sofmachine

According to a 1993 issue of Famimaga (Family Computer Magazine), Soft Machine (有限会社ソフトマシン) was started in 1989. Pengo programmer Akira Nakakuma (中隈章) was the CEO; Shinichi Oomori (大森信一) was the director.

Research Methods: Actual mentions, hidden data, online resources (see Links), shared staff


  • American Dream (JP Publisher: Coconuts Japan)
  • Astro Fang: Super Machine (JP Publisher: A Wave)
  • Grand Master (programming) (JP Publisher: Varie)
  • Game Party (JP Publisher: Coconuts Japan)
  • Insector X (sound?) (JP Publisher: Taito)
Developer: Coconuts Japan?; Programming: Aprinet?
  • Masuzoe Youichi: Asa Made Famicom (JP Publisher: Coconuts Japan)
  • Pachi Slot Adventure 2: Sorotta-kun no Pachi Slot Tanteidan (sound driver?) (JP Publisher: Coconuts Japan)
  • Pachi Slot Adventure 3: Bitaoshii 7 Kenzan! (sound driver?) (JP Publisher: Coconuts Japan)
Programming: Aisystem Tokyo
  • Perfect Bowling (JP Publisher: Tonkin House)
Programming?: Aisystem Tokyo
  • Super Pinball (programming?) (JP Publisher: Coconuts Japan)
  • Tokyo Pachi Slot Adventure (JP Publisher: Coconuts Japan)
  • Tsuppari Wars (JP Publisher: Sammy)

Game Boy

  • Pachio-kun (programming, graphics) (JP Publisher: Coconuts Japan)

Mega CD/Sega CD

  • Ishii Hisaichi no Daiseikai (some graphics?) (JP Publisher: Sega)
Developer: G-Sat; Sound Program, Sound Effects: T's Music

Mega Drive/Genesis

  • Championship Bowling / Boogie Woogie Bowling (US Publisher: Mentrix Software; JP Publisher: Visco)
  • Top Pro Golf (JP Publisher: Soft Vision International)
Some Graphics: Log Staff, Ocarina System
  • Top Pro Golf 2 / Chi Chi's Pro Challenge Golf (JP Publisher: Soft Vision International; US Publisher: Virgin Interactive)
Some Graphics: Log Staff, Ocarina System

PC Engine CD/TurboGrafx-CD

  • Quiz Avenue (some sound source production [?]) (JP Publisher: NEC Avenue)
Programming: Mutech; Some Graphics: I.S.C.
  • Startling Odyssey (some graphics) (JP Publisher: Rayforce)


  • Pachio-kun FX: Maboroshi no Shima Daikessen (programming, graphics) (JP Publisher: NEC)


  • Crisis Beat (JP Publisher: Bandai, EU Publisher: Studio 3)
Cutscenes: Anymation
  • ...Iru! (JP Publisher: Takara)
Music, Sound: Studio PJ
  • Lucifer Ring (JP Publisher: Toshiba EMI)
Cutscenes: Studio Hibari; Sound Effects: Cube
  • Nishijin Pachinko Tengoku EX (JP Publisher: KSS)
Some Graphics?: Aisystem Tokyo
  • Nishijin Pachinko Tengoku Vol. 3 (JP Publisher: KSS)
  • Waku Waku Bowling (some game design, programming, graphics, some character design, some lane design) (JP Publisher: Coconuts Japan)
Sound: Studio PJ

Super Famicom/Super NES

  • Nishijin Pachinko 3 ([some?] programming, [some?] graphics) (JP Publisher: KSS)
  • Nishijin Pachinko Monogatari 2 ([some?] programming, [some?] graphics) (JP Publisher: KSS)
  • Pachinko Wars (JP Publisher: Coconuts Japan)
Game Design, Graphics?: Sofix; Programming, Sound Programming: OeRSTED; ?: Click, Ocarina System
  • Res Arcana Diana Rei: Uranai no Meikyuu (graphics) (JP Publisher: Coconuts Japan)
Programming: Marionette
  • Sougou Kakutougi Astral Bout 2: The Total Fighters (programming?) (JP Publisher: King Records)
  • Super Casino 2 (graphics) (JP Publisher: Coconuts Japan)
Programming, Sound Programming: OeRSTED
  • Thunderbirds, Gerry Anderson's: Kokusai Kyuujotai Shutsudou seyo! (some programming?) (JP Publisher: Bandai)
Co-Developer: Nova; Some Programming: Aisystem Tokyo; Sound: USP


  • Final Lap 2000 (JP Publisher: Bandai)
Sound: Cube
  • Last Stand (JP Publisher: Bandai)
Playtesting: Studio Stat
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: Shito Ikusei (JP Publisher: Bandai)
Production: Gainax
  • One Piece: Mezase Kaizoku-Ou (JP Publisher: Bandai)
Sound: Office Two-One, Cube; Playtesting: Studio Stat
  • Pocket Fighter (JP Publisher: Bandai)
Playtesting: Studio Stat

WonderSwan Color

  • Final Lap Special (JP Publisher: Bandai)
Sound: Cube
  • Inuyasha: Fuuun Emaki (JP Publisher: Bandai)
Combat Programming: MBI? (the company, or is it just someone's pseudonym?); Sound: Cube; Playtesting: Studio Stat
  • Uchuu Senkan Yamato (some programming, some graphics) (JP Publisher: Bandai)
Developer: Tom Create; Some Sound: Twofive; Some Playtesting: Studio Stat


  • Super Shanghai: Dragon's Eye (some programming?) (JP Publisher: Takeru [Brother])
Production, Direction, Some Graphics: Hot-B; Some Programming, Some Graphics, Some Sound?: Aisystem Tokyo; [Some?] Sound: Cube