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Media Design & Art, LTD. (有限会社メディアデザインアンドアート; aka mda) was a company based in Shibuya, Tokyo, established on May 20, 1993. [1] Units included GO PUBLIC (publication editing), digdog (CG production), mda Haneda, and mda R&D Kyoto. Game development was done in Haneda and Kyoto. [2] Some mda staff came from Video System (which was also in Kyoto) and went on to work for IXI.

Daisuke Fujimi (藤見大輔) was the owner and president. [3] His LinkedIn profile suggests the company still exists. GO PUBLIC is apparently still around.

Research Methods: Actual mentions, online resources, shared staff


  • 18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker (Sega)
  • Beach Spikers: Virtua Beach Volleyball (production cooperation) (Sega)
  • Club Kart (production cooperation) (Sega)
  • The King of Route 66 (Sega)
  • Virtua Fighter 4 (production cooperation) (Sega)


  • 18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker (JP/US Publisher: Sega)
  • Shenmue (production cooperation) (JP/EU/US Publisher: Sega; BR Publisher: Tec Toy)
  • Shenmue II (production cooperation) (JP/EU Publisher: Sega)


  • Unknown

Nintendo 64

  • GT 64: Championship Edition / City Tour Grand Prix: Zen-Nihon GT Senshuken (US/EU Publisher: Ocean; JP Publisher: Imagineer)


  • Ultraman Tiga & Ultraman Dyna: Aratanaru Futatsu no Hikari (JP Publisher: Bandai)