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IXI Co., Ltd. (株式会社アイ・エックス・アイ) was an IT company in Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, originally founded on July 15, 1989, as Xebex Union Co., Ltd. (株式会社ジーベックスユニオン) In December 1997, it became a subsidiary of leasing company Ichinen and changed its name to Ichinen Xebex Co., Ltd. (株式会社イチネン・ジーベックス) It was renamed IXI in July 1999. [1]

On July 3, 2006, IXI spun off game development into a new subsidiary called Xeen. [2] Xeen remains an active company, but IXI filed for bankruptcy in January 2007. [3]

Staff included former members of Video System and Media Design & Art, among them Kazuo Shiomi (塩見一夫), who is now president of Xeen.

Research Methods: Actual mentions, shared staff


  • The King of Fighters: Neowave (some graphics?) (SNK Playmore)
  • Mario Kart Arcade GP (Namco)
  • Metal Slug 6 (some graphics?) (SNK Playmore)

Game Boy Advance

  • Ueki no Housoku: Jinki Sakuretsu! Nouryokusha Battle (JP Publisher: Banpresto) [4]
Direction: Dimps; Sound: T's Music

PlayStation 2

  • Hungry Ghosts (co-developer) (JP Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment)
  • KOF: Maximum Impact II / The King of Fighters 2006 (some graphics?) (JP/US Publisher: SNK Playmore; EU Publisher: Ignition Entertainment)


  • Spikeout: Battle Street (JP/US/EU Publisher: Sega)