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Japan DataWorks Inc. (JDW) (日本データワークス株式会社) was established on March 31, 1992, with investment from T&E Soft, MAC (parent company of Humming Bird Soft), BPS, and Riverhillsoft. It was a spinoff of Japan Database Network Laboratory Co., Ltd. (JDNL) intended to further that company's research and turn it into finished products. (JDNL primarily researched PC user interfaces and natural language database systems. It was started in April 1986 with investment from various government organizations and six private companies [1] [2] including Micro Cabin [3] and T&E Soft. [4])

JDW's head office was located in Kumamoto, with a branch in Sasebo, Nagasaki. Mamoru Imanishi (今西守) of MAC was the president. Board members were Naoto Oyachi (大矢知直登) of Micro Cabin, Hiroyuki Imabayashi (今林宏行) of Thinking Rabbit, and Hiroshi Nonaka (野中博). (Nonaka was also the head of the Sasebo office.) The auditor was Hiroshi Imanishi (今西寛) of MAC. [5] [6]

JDW's business was computer software development including, but not limited to, the research & development of natural language and AI systems, system consulting, software and multimedia development and sales, and computer graphics production. [7] [8] Despite the company's funding pedigree, it only put out two game titles.

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  • Battle Pinball (JP Publisher: Japan DataWorks)
  • Fire Ball !! / Real Pinball (JP Publisher: Japan DataWorks; US Publisher: Panasonic)