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This entry is not finished. Please use with caution.

Ichimura Engineering (有限会社市村エンジニアリング) appears to have split off from Technos Japan around 1994. At some point (1998?) it was renamed Cepia (株式会社セピア). The company closed down in 2010. It was presumably headed by Teruo Ichimura.


  • Guilty Gear Isuka (some graphics) (Sammy)
Some CG Design: Avit-Niigata
  • Guilty Gear X (some character graphics) (Sammy)


  • Izumo (JP Publisher: Symbio Planning)
  • Tokyo Bus Guide (some graphics) (JP Publisher: Fortyfive)


  • Dragon Ball Z: Bukuu Ressen / Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2 (some graphics) (US/AU Publisher: Atari; JP/EU Publisher: Bandai)
Developer: Arc System Works; Production: Cavia; Some Graphics: Studio Peacock; Sound: Studio PJ

Game Boy Advance

  • The King of Fighters EX2: Howling Blood (some graphics) (JP Publisher: Marvelous Entertainment; US Publisher: Atlus; EU Publisher: Acclaim)
Developer: Sun-Tec; Sound: SAME Creative; Some Programming: Matrix Software


  • Aura Battler Dunbine: Seisenshi Densetsu (some programming, some graphics?) (JP Publisher: Bandai)
Planning, Sound, Some Graphics: BEC
  • Chippoke Ralph no Daibouken: The Adventure of Little Ralph (some character graphics) (JP Publisher: New)
Some Field Graphics: Studio Alex
  • Devilman (some programming) (JP Publisher: Bandai)
Developer: BEC
  • Digimon World 2 (some graphics) (JP Publisher: Bandai)
Developer: BEC; Some Graphics: Peacock, Mechaman
  • Million Classic (3D character design, some 3D background design) (JP Publisher: Bandai)
Developer: BEC; Some 2D Character Illustrations: Archaia; Sound: Mint
  • Soreike x Kokoroji: Kokoro ga Oshieru Koi - Kekkon - Jinsei (some graphics) (JP Publisher: PolyGram)
Developer: WiZ

PlayStation 2

  • Beck: The Game (some graphics) (JP Publisher: Marvelous Interactive)
Developer: Sun-Tec; Sound: Wave Master, Sound AMS, Sound Zaurus; Development Support: Flagship; Scenario: P3-Peace; Debugging: Pole To Win
  • Ikusagami / Demon Chaos (some planning, some graphics) (JP Publisher: Genki; EU Publisher: Konami)
  • Kaido: Touge no Densetsu / Tokyo Xtreme Racer DRIFT 2 / Kaido Racer 2 (JP Publisher: Genki; US Publisher; Crave; EU Publisher: Konami)

Neo Geo

  • Choujin Gakuen Gowcaizer / Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer (Technos) [MVS/AES]
  • Double Dragon (graphics) (Technos) [MVS/AES]
  • Super Dodge Ball (Technos) [MVS]
A Japanese release was planned under the title Kunio no Nekketsu Toukyuu Densetsu, but Technos went bankrupt before it was released


  • AnEarth Fantasy Stories: The First Volume (some object graphics?) (JP Publisher: Media Works) [1]
  • Crows: The Battle Action for Segasaturn (production, graphics, sound?) (JP Publisher: Athena)
Some Graphics: Athena; Some Sound Effects: DSP


  • Gambler Densetsu Tetsuya (JP Publisher: Athena)