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CRV (talk) 15:15, 29 March 2014 (CET) [permalink] [comments]

Imagine if in Tempest, the tubes moved instead of the ship. Then you'd have Tube Panic from Nichibutsu from 1984. While Tube Panic is arguably more graphically impressive, you might see why they ditched the moving tubes in the classic Atari game.

In the future envisioned by the creators of Tube Panic, all wars will be waged in trippy, intergalactic tubes. For those of you not susceptible to motion sickness, the object of the game is to fight your way through said tubes while watching your power supply. Along the way, you can duck into warp holes, in which you'll be given a temporary shield. Periodically, you'll have to dock with a mothership for bonus points and power.

Tube Panic is copyrighted to Fujitek, so it is presumed they developed it. Several other Nichibutsu games from this era have an Alice copyright. Little, if anything, is known about these firms.

The music, powered by the AY-3-8910A, is as dazzling as the graphics, and you can listen to it in the second video below. While the game does have credits, Ryoichi Yamada (the sole sound credit) confirmed on YouTube that he was the sound engineer and that (I.) Takagi was the composer. Yamada also composed MagMax.




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