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Established March 18, 1996. Headed by Chachamaru Sasazawa (笹沢茶々丸), formerly of Human. Involved in software development and sales (suspended in September 2018), audio/video production, TV/radio program production, music CD/video production, entertainment talent management/training, and sales promotion.

Console and handheld titles only.

Research Methods: Actual mentions, online resources


  • Golf Shiyouyo / Tee Off (voice actor casting, compilation direction) (JP Publisher: Bottom Up; US/EU Publisher: Acclaim)
Model Design, Motion Design: Scarab
  • Golf Shiyouyo 2: Aratanaru Chousen (voice actor casting, compilation direction) (JP Publisher: SoftMax)
  • Revive... Sosei (CG coloring) (JP Publisher: Data East)
Programming: Sakata SAS

Game Boy Advance

  • Final Fire Pro Wrestling: Yume no Dantai Unei! / Fire Pro Wrestling 2 (CG production) (JP Publisher: Spike; US Publisher: Bam! Entertainment)

Game Boy Color

  • Pocket Hanafuda (JP Publisher: Bottom Up) [1]
  • Pocket Pro Wres: Perfect Wrestler (JP Publisher: J-Wing)
Sound: Mint
  • Snowboard Champion (JP Publisher: Bottom Up)
Programming: TamTam; Sound: Mint


  • Dokapon DX: Wataru Sekai wa Oni Darake (JP Publisher: Asmik Ace Entertainment) [2]
Developer: Tycoon


  • Doki Doki On Air (JP Publisher: Bottom Up)
  • Doki Doki On Air 2 (JP Publisher: Bottom Up)
  • Eithéa (background CG production) (JP Publisher: Atlus)
  • Ganba no Bouken: The Puzzle Action (development) (JP Publisher: D3 Publisher)
  • Jitsumei Jikkyou Keiba Dream Classic (development) (JP Publisher: Bandai)
  • Pro Wres Sengokuden (JP Publisher: KSS)
Sound: Mint
  • Pro Wres Sengokuden 2 (JP Publisher: KSS)
Sound: Mint
  • Pro Wres Sengokuden: Hyper Tag Match (JP Publisher: KSS)
  • TearRing Saga (battle CG, animation production) (JP Publisher: Enterbrain)
Developer: Tirnanog; Some Graphics?: Bits Laboratory; Some Graphics: Marchen Breaker; Some Graphics?: Ferga; 2D Character Graphics: Earthly Production; ?: Studio Ingaohboo; Debugging?: Pole To Win
  • Waku Waku Derby (JP Publisher: KSS)
Co-Developer?: Mint
  • Zennihon Joshi Pro Wres: Joou Densetsu: Yume no Taikousen (JP Publisher: TEN)
Sound: Mint; 3D Graphics: Wizard

PlayStation 2

  • Futakoi (CG coloring) (JP Publisher: Media Works)
  • Jitsumei Jikkyou Keiba Dream Classic 2001 Autumn (development) (JP Publisher: Bandai)
  • Jitsumei Jikkyou Keiba Dream Classic 2001 Spring (development) (JP Publisher: Bandai)
  • Jitsumei Jikkyou Keiba Dream Classic 2002 (development) (JP Publisher: Bandai)
  • The Party Game (CG production) (JP Publisher: D3 Publisher)


  • Mezase Idol Star!! Natsuiro Memories Mahjong-hen (planning, production) (JP Publisher: Shar Rock)
Developer: Warashi
  • Tactical Fighter (character design, original pictures) (JP Publisher: Media Rings)