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Human Corporation (ヒューマン株式会社) was a publisher and developer best known for franchises such as Fire Pro Wrestling and Clock Tower. Choshiro Suzuki (鈴木長四郎) was the president. [1] It went bankrupt in November 1999. [2]

Human began as two separate companies: TRY Corporation (pronounced alphabetically) and Communicate, Inc. They merged in April 1987 to form Sonata, the name of which was derived from the names of the board of directors (Youichi Soki [曽木洋一], Nakamura, Shinnosuke Takahashi). [3] It was later renamed Human, likely upon entering the publishing business.

In April 1990, the company established a game development school called Human Creative School. [4] Games such as Egypt (Famicom) and The Firemen (Super Famicom) started out as projects by students. [5]

Also in the early 1990s, Human started a pair of development studios: BEC with Bandai in 1990 (merged with Banpresoft, now B.B.Studio) and HuneX with NEC in 1992. [6] A similar joint venture with Sega began with the development of Bari-Arm in 1992, but did not ultimately result in a fully-fledged studio being established. [7]

Research Methods: Actual mentions, code comparisons, interviews (see below), online resources (see Links), shared staff

Related Interviews: Hitoshi Akashi

This entry focuses on early contract work for other publishers. The list below includes games done as TRY (likely the surviving company of the merger) and Sonata. (For Communicate, see here.)


  • Ultraman (Banpresto)


  • The Adventures of Gilligan's Island (US Publisher: Bandai)
  • Championship Rally / Exciting Rally: World Rally Championship (EU Publisher: HAL Laboratory; JP Publisher: Kaken)
  • Exciting Boxing (JP Publisher: Konami)
  • F-1 Hero 2, Nakajima Satoru Kanshuu (JP Publisher: Varie)
  • Family Trainer 1: Athletic World / Athletic World (JP/US/EU Publisher: Bandai)
  • Family Trainer 2: Running Stadium / Stadium Events / World Class Track Meet (JP/US/EU Publisher: Bandai; US/CA Publisher: Nintendo)
  • Family Trainer 3: Aerobics Studio / Dance Aerobics (JP Publisher: Bandai; US Publisher: Nintendo)
  • Family Trainer 4: Jogging Race (JP Publisher: Bandai)
  • Family Trainer 5: Meiro Daisakusen (JP Publisher: Bandai)
  • Family Trainer 6: Manhattan Police / Street Cop (JP/US Publisher: Bandai)
  • Family Trainer 7: Famitre Daiundoukai / Super Team Games (JP Publisher: Bandai; US/CA Publisher: Nintendo)
  • Family Trainer 8: Totsugeki! Fuun Takeshijou (JP Publisher: Bandai)
  • Gyrodine (JP Publisher: Taito)
  • Jigoku Gokuraku Maru / Kabuki Quantum Fighter (JP Publisher: Pack-In-Video; US Publisher: HAL Laboratory; EU Publisher: Nintendo)
  • Meimon! Dai San Yakyuu Bu (JP Publisher: Bandai)
  • Monster Party (US Publisher: Bandai)
  • Motocross Champion (JP Publisher: Konami)
  • Nakajima Satoru F-1 Hero / Michael Andretti's World GP (JP Publisher: Varie; US Publisher: Sammy)
  • Power Play Football (unreleased) (HAL Laboratory) [8]
Reasons for inclusion: 1) It resembles the other Power Pad games, especially Stadium Events. 2) HAL obviously had some sort of deal with Human.
  • Pro Wrestling (US/EU Publisher: Nintendo)
  • SD Gundam: Gachapon Senshi 2: Capsule Senki (JP Publisher: Shinsei)
  • Tatakae!! Ramen Man: Sakuretsu Choujin 102 Gei (JP Publisher: Shinsei)
  • Top Rider (JP Publisher: Varie)
According to Akashi, this was developed at another location by a team that included Michiya Hirasawa.
  • Venus Senki (JP Publisher: Varie)
(Some?) Planning: Gen Creative House

Famicom Disk System

  • Doremikko (JP Publisher: Konami)
Akashi confirmed this was developed by Communicate/TRY/Sonata but didn't remember to which one it was contracted.
  • Kamen Rider Black: Taiketsu Shadow Moon (JP Publisher: Bandai)
  • Kinnikuman: Kinniku Ookurai Soudatsusen (JP Publisher: Bandai)
  • Pro Wres: Famicom Wrestling Association (JP Publisher: Nintendo)
  • SD Gundam World: Gachapon Senshi: Scramble Wars (JP Publisher: Bandai)
  • SD Gundam World: Gachapon Senshi: Scramble Wars: Map Collection (JP Publisher: Bandai)

Game Boy

  • SD Gundam Gaiden: Lacroan Heroes (JP Publisher: Bandai)
  • SD Sengokuden: Kunitori Monogatari (JP Publisher: Bandai)

Mega Drive/Genesis

  • Ultraman (JP Publisher: Ma-Ba; KR Publisher: Samsung)

Super Famicom/Super NES

  • Ultraman (JP Publisher: Bandai)