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Tycoon Game Works Corp. (株式会社タイクーン) was a development subsidiary of Asmik Ace Entertainment established on January 20, 1997. [1]

Research Methods: Actual mentions, online resources


  • The Ring / The Ring: Terror's Realm (JP Publisher: Asmik Ace Entertainment; US Publisher: Infogrames)
Some Character Graphics, Monster Direction: Scarab; Map Design: Design Kombinat; 3D Computer Graphics, Soundtrack, Sound Effects, Script Translation, Voice Actors Management: Nurding Group; Sound Conversion?: A.s.t Works Japan; Opening Demo Movie?: Xeonix; Debugging: Pole To Win

Game Boy Advance

  • Dokapon-Q: Monster Hunter! / Dokapon: Monster Hunter / Dokapon: Monster Hunter! (JP Publisher: Asmik Ace Entertainment; US Publisher: AIA; EU Publisher: Ubisoft)

Game Boy Color

  • Dokapon?! Millennium Quest (JP Publisher: Asmik Ace Entertainment)
Sound: A.s.t Works Japan


  • Dokapon DX: Wataru Sekai wa Oni Darake (JP Publisher: Asmik Ace Entertainment)
?: Dream Japan
  • Lupin III: Umi ni Kieta Hihou (JP Publisher: Asmik Ace Entertainment)
System Development: HOWZ


  • Dokapon! Ikari no Tekken (JP Publisher: Asmik Ace Entertainment)
  • Oh No! (JP Publisher: Asmik Ace Entertainment)
Some Sound?: A.s.t Works Japan

PlayStation 2

  • Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World (JP Publisher: Media Works) [2]
Some Programming: Siesta; Background Illustrations: Silver