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Vic Tokai Corporation (株式会社ビック東海) is the former name of a Japanese telecommunications company originally established in March 1977 as Yaizu Cablevision, a cable television provider. In May 1978, its name was changed to Vic Tokai. [1] The company was involved with video games from about 1984 until 1997 and had publishing operations in the US and Europe. [2] In 2011, it was renamed Tokai Communications. [3]

Vic Tokai collaborated with another company in the Tokai Group, Seibu Lease/SunSeibu Entertainment [4], on the development of video games and related products such as the Light Boy accessory for the Game Boy. [5] Seibu Lease/SunSeibu also operated many game centers in Japan and Hawaii. [6]

Graphic Techno EW was a brand used on early Vic Tokai/Seibu Lease-developed arcade games. The "EW" was derived from the names of both companies. ("東," or "tou," means "east;" "西," or "sei," means "west.") [7]

Research Methods: Actual mentions, interviews, online resources, shared staff

Related Interviews: Shouichi Yoshikawa


  • Block Gal (Sega)
  • Calorie-kun vs. Moguranian (Sega)
  • Taxi Driver (Graphic Techno EW)
  • UFO Senshi Youko-chan (Sega)
  • The X (Graphic Techno EW)


  • Aigiina no Yogen: From the Legend of Balubalouk (JP Publisher: Vic Tokai)
  • Chester Field: Ankoku Shin e no Chousen (JP Publisher: Vic Tokai)
Sound: Tecmo [8]
  • Conflict (JP/US Publisher: Vic Tokai)
  • Dengeki: Big Bang! / Clash at Demonhead (JP/US Publisher: Vic Tokai)
  • Golgo 13: Dai 1 Shou: Kamigami no Tasogare / Golgo 13: Top Secret Episode (JP/US Publisher: Vic Tokai)
  • Kakefu-kun no Jump Tengoku: Speed Jigoku / Kid Kool and the Quest for the Seven Wonder Herbs (JP/US Publisher: Vic Tokai)
  • Magical Kids Doropie / The Krion Conquest (JP/US Publisher: Vic Tokai)
Sound: Aicom
  • Secret Ties (unreleased) (Vic Tokai)
Sound: Graphic Research

Mark III/Master System

  • Psycho Fox / Sapo Xule: O Mestre do Kung Fues do Brejo (US/CA/EU Publisher: Sega; KR Publisher: Samsung; BR Publisher: Tec Toy)
Sound: Aicom

Mega Drive/Genesis

  • Battle Mania / Trouble Shooter (JP/US Publisher: Vic Tokai)
Sound: Graphic Research
  • Battle Mania Daiginjou (JP Publisher: Vic Tokai)
Sound: Graphic Research
  • Decap Attack (US/CA/EU/AU Publisher: Sega; BR Publisher: Tec Toy; KR Publisher: Samsung)
Sound: Graphic Research
  • Magical Hat no Buttobi Tabo! Daibouken (JP Publisher: Sega)
  • Time Dominator 1st / Socket (JP/US Publisher: Vic Tokai)
Sound: Graphic Research
  • Whip Rush: Wakusei Voltegas no Nazo / Whip Rush (JP Publisher: Sega; US Publisher: Renovation)

Super Famicom/Super NES

  • Shinseiki Odysselya (JP Publisher: Vic Tokai)
  • Shinseiki Odysselya II (JP Publisher: Vic Tokai)
Sound Driver: Graphic Research; Sound Composition: Studio Cliche