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Team Craze logo
Team Craze logo
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Pack-In-Video/Pack-In-Soft/Victor Interactive Software's 3rd development group. [1] Formerly Unit Craze.

Producer Tomio Kanazawa later resurrected the "Team Craze" name for a development team at Toybox (which, incidentally, used to be the name of Pack-In/VIS's 2nd development group [2]). [3]

Research Methods: Actual mentions, online resources


  • Akagawa Jirou: Majotachi no Nemuri: Fukkatsusai (co-developed with Office Create) (JP Publisher: Pack-In-Soft)
  • Akagawa Jirou: Yasoukyoku (JP Publisher: Pack-In-Soft)
Sound Engineering, Sound Effects: T's Music
  • Akagawa Jirou: Yasoukyoku 2 (planning) (JP Publisher: Victor)
Developer: Office Create
  • Aqua Paradise: Boku no Suizokukan (production, direction, planning) (JP Publisher: Victor)
Planning, Development: Office Create
  • Fish Eyes / Reel Fishing (JP Publisher: Pack-In-Video; US/EU Publisher: Natsume)
Sound: T's Music; CG Movies: Visual Science Laboratory; Some Graphics: Acquire
  • Fish Eyes II / Reel Fishing II (JP Publisher: Victor; US/EU Publisher: Natsume)
Sound: T's Music
  • Komocchi (JP Publisher: Victor)
Sound: T's Music; ?: Happy-Smile, Alpha Project, Arcage, Open Sesame, Project III

PlayStation 2

  • Tsuki no Hikari: Shizumeru Kane no Satsujin (JP Publisher: Victor) [4]
Production Cooperation: Open Sesame, Happy-Smile, T's Music