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Great Co., Ltd. (グレイト株式会社) was an adult PC game (eroge) company in Osaka that later went into console game development. It went bankrupt at the end of 1996. [1] Eiji Chikata (近田英二) was the president. [2]

Plum (or Communication Group Plum) was a brand used by Great's Hiroshima office. Some members of the Hiroshima office started an adult game company called Route2 after Great's bankruptcy.

Research Methods: Actual mentions, online resources, shared staff

Game Boy

  • The Little Mermaid (US/EU Publisher: Capcom)
Korean programmer Jang Sungmok allegedly worked on this for Great. [3]
  • TaleSpin (US/EU Publisher: Capcom)
  • Wily & Light no Rockboard: That's Paradise (unreleased) (Capcom)


  • The Golem Master (original pictures) (JP Publisher: Sur Dé Wave)
Developer: Green System
  • Presence (JP Publisher: Sur Dé Wave)
  • Sangokushi Fighters (JP Publisher: Imagineer)
Programming: Espo? (under sub-subcontract with MBA?)
  • Sengoku Tsuwamono Emaki Ranze (JP Publisher: Great) /Plum
  • Wrestle Angels Special (JP Publisher: Great) /Plum
  • Wrestle Angels V1 (JP Publisher: KSS)
  • Wrestle Angels V2 (JP Publisher: KSS)
  • Wrestle Angels V3 (JP Publisher: KSS)


  • Sparkling Feather (JP Publisher: NEC)
Technical Advice: HuneX
Naoki Matsunaga is interviewed about the game in the August 1996 issue of PC Engine Fan. He is introduced as the manager of the planning section of Great's 1st production department.

PC Engine CD/TurboGrafx-CD

  • Go! Go! Birdie Chance (under subcontract with Magical and HuneX?) (JP Publisher: NEC)
  • Wrestle Angels: Double Impact (JP Publisher: NEC)
Some Programming: OeRSTED


  • Doki Doki Pretty League (JP Publisher: Xing)
Programming? Some Graphics? Some Sound?: Intec; Some Sound: Soramimi Studio
  • Senran (JP Publisher: Angel)
Developer: Nippon Bcom
  • Yellow Brick Road (JP Publisher: Acclaim)


  • Yellow Brick Road (JP Publisher: Acclaim)

In an interview with, George Kamitani talks about working at a company in the mid-1990s that originally made adult games and later went into consumer games. The company went bankrupt while he was working on Princess Crown. He does not mention the name of the company, but it was most likely Great. [4] (Incidentally, Takashi Nishii also worked at Great in the mid-1990s and later worked at Vanillaware. [5])

Super Famicom/Super NES

  • Bishoujo Wrestler Retsuden: Blizzard Yuki Rannyuu!! (JP Publisher: KSS)
Sound: OeRSTED
  • Super Wrestle Angels (JP Publisher: Imagineer)
Programming Advice: Dual?; Sound: Twofive