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Nippon Bcom Co., Ltd. (株式会社日本ビーコム) is a software company based in Otsu, Shiga, Japan, established December 1980. Shintarou Todokoro (戸所新太郎) is the president. [1] In the past, it developed games for the Super Famicom, PlayStation, and Saturn. [2] Today, it is heavily involved in typing software. [3]

Research Methods: Interviews, shared staff

Super Famicom/Super NES

  • Inazuma Serve da!! Super Beach Volley (JP Publisher: Virgin Interactive Entertainment)
Sound: Pure Sound
  • Kero Kero Keroppi no Bouken Nikki Nemureru Mori no Keroleen (under subcontract with ISCO) (JP Publisher: Character Soft)
  • Zig Zag Cat: Dachou Club mo Oosawagi da (programming?; under subcontract with ISCO) (JP Publisher: Den'Z)
Some Graphics: Opera House; Sound: Pure Sound