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Dennis Koble and Lee Actor started Sterling Silver Software in 1988, after Bally Sente (their previous employer) went under. The company was renamed Polygames in 1992 after some legal rumblings from Sterling Software. [1]

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As Sterling Silver Software

Sterling Silver Software logo


  • Don't Go Alone (US Publisher: Accolade)
Graphics/Artwork: Interactive Productions
  • PGA Tour Golf (US Publisher: Electronic Arts)
  • PGA Tour Golf: Tournament Course Disk (US Publisher: Electronic Arts)

Mega Drive/Genesis

  • Hard Drivin' (US/JP/EU Publisher: Tengen; BR Publisher: Tec Toy)
  • PGA Tour Golf (US/EU Publisher: Electronic Arts)
  • Pit-Fighter (US/EU/JP Publisher: Tengen)
  • RoadBlasters (US/JP Publisher: Tengen)

As Polygames

Polygames logo


  • City Golf (unreleased) (RGA/Philips)

Mega Drive/Genesis

  • PGA European Tour Golf (US/EU Publisher: Electronic Arts)
  • PGA Tour Golf II (US/EU Publisher: Electronics Arts; JP Publisher: Electronic Arts Victor)
  • PGA Tour Golf III (US/EU Publisher: Electronic Arts)
  • Pit-Fighter II (unreleased) (Tengen)
  • Race Drivin' (US Publisher: Tengen)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball / Sonic Spinball (software design, 90% programming) (US/EU/JP/AS Publisher: Sega; BR Publisher: Tec Toy)
Game Design, Programming, Graphics, Sound: Sega Technical Institute
  • Steel Talons (US/EU/JP Publisher: Tengen; KR Publisher: Samsung)


  • City Golf (unreleased) (RGA/Philips)