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bitSHIFT CO., LTD. (株式会社ビットシフト). Originally established as BlueBlood inc. (有限会社ブルーブラッド) on August 28, 1998 in Uji, Kyoto. Opened an office in Bunkyo, Tokyo in September 2002; changed names the same month. Was headed by Mitsuhiro Yoshida (吉田光広). Appears to have closed around 2011.

Also did development of mobile games, web sites and services, pachinko software, and business software.


  • Kaite Shabette Hajimeyou! Monster Farm DS (co-developed with Cing?) (JP Publisher: Tecmo)
  • Monster Farm DS 2: Yomigaeru! Master Breeder Densetsu / Monster Rancher DS (co-developed with Cing?) (JP Publisher: Tecmo; US Publisher: UFO Interactive)
  • Unou Kaiten: Match-bou Puzzle DS / Matchstick: Puzzle by DS / Matchstick (JP/EU Publisher: Ertain; US Publisher: Dreamcatcher Interactive)
  • "2D Action Game" (September 2008)
  • "3D Action Game" (June 2009)


  • "Music Game" (December 2008)
  • "Simulation Game" (September 2009)


  • The MicroCosmic (JP Publisher: BlueBlood)