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Y'sK logo

Y'sK Inc. (株式会社ワイズケイ) was established March 7, 2003 in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo. It was headed by Hozumi Yoshida (吉田穂積), formerly of Data East and ASCII, and also included a number of other former Data East staff.

Much of the staff went to ZEX, established in 2009 by Y'sK producer Takashi Kobayashi (小林高志).

PlayStation 2

  • Castle Fantasia: Erenshia Senki Plus Stories (production) (JP Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten)
Developer: TamTam
  • Fire Pro Wrestling Returns (JP Publisher: Spike; US Publisher: Agetec)
Programming, Some Graphics: S-NEO; Music: Digit Kino; Sound: Best Score
  • Growlanser V: Generations / Growlanser: Heritage of War (co-developed with Team Career) (JP/US Publisher: Atlus; EU Publisher: Rising Star Games)
Some Graphics: TamTam, POT; Cutscene Animation: Fortes, Arms; Debugging: Digital Hearts
  • Growlanser VI: Precarious World (co-developed with Team Career) (JP Publisher: Atlus)
Some Graphics: POT; Some Programming: TamTam; Cutscene Animation: Fortes, Arms; Debugging: Digital Hearts
  • Kenka Banchou (JP Publisher: Spike)
Character Modeling & Animation: G-Style; Environment Modeling, Some Character Modeling & Animation: POT; Music: Dimension Cruise; Sound Effects: Best Score; Opening Movie: Sphereframe, D1FX, EEN; Debugging: Pole To Win
  • Kenka Banchou 2: Full Throttle (JP Publisher: Spike)
Character Modeling, Opening Movie: G-Style; Motion Capture: Acquire; Map Design: POT; Some Graphics: E-game; Music: Dimension Cruise; Debugging: Pole To Win
  • Shinjuku no Ookami (JP Publisher: Spike)
Music: Dimension Cruise, Soundtech; Sound: Best Score; Scenario Support: Edgeworks; Motion Capture: Acquire; Some Graphics, Some Program: E-smile; Some Graphics: G-Style, Cattle Call, Crest Works, Team Garage, I-Hit; ?: Do!Carrier, Astroll; Debugging: Games Arena
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Smash-Up (co-developed with Game Arts and Toylogic) (US/EU Publisher: Ubisoft)

PlayStation Portable

  • Yuusha no Kuse ni Namaiki da. / Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! What Did I Do to Deserve This? (some programming) (JP/EU Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment; US Publisher: NIS America)
Developer: Acquire; Programming: Rideon; Sound: Noisycroak


  • Jawa: Mammoth to Himitsu no Ishi (JP Publisher: Spike)
Scenario, Programming, Script: Netchubiyori
  • Petz: Crazy Monkeyz (US/EU Publisher: Ubisoft)
  • Space Invaders Get Even: Gyakushuu no Space Invaders / Space Invaders Get Even [WiiWare] (level design) (JP/US/EU Publisher: Square Enix)
Developer: Cattle Call; Model & Motion Design: Intense; Sound: Zuntata, Dimension Cruise; Debugging: Sarugakucho
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Smash-Up (co-developed with Game Arts and Toylogic) (US/EU Publisher: Ubisoft)