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Research Methods: Actual mentions, online resources


  • Dreamer (unreleased) [1]
  • Fire Wolves (unreleased) (Goldstar) [2]
Described by "developers as a first-person Zelda" [3]
  • Sesame Street: Numbers (US/JP Publisher: Electronic Arts)


  • The Best of Draw 50 with Lee Ames (US Publisher: Philips)
  • Ripley's Believe It or Not! (unreleased) (Philips)
  • Skate Dude / Food Dude (unreleased) (Philips)
  • Stay Healthy for Life (unreleased) (Philips)
  • Zelda's Adventure (US/EU Publisher: Philips)


  • The Odyssey (unreleased) [4]


  • BattleSphere / Sphere Warriors / TyrannaSphere [5] [6]


  • AnnaTommy: An Adventure into the Human Body (US Publisher: IVI Publishing)
  • AnnaTommy 2 (unreleased) (IVI Publishing) [7]
  • ECO East Africa: The Virtual Simulation Game (US Publisher: IVI Publishing)
  • Savage: The Ultimate Quest for Survival (US Publisher: Discovery Channel Multimedia)


  • Bonzo (unreleased)
  • Future Tank (unreleased)
  • Goin' Postal / Killing Spree [8] [9]
  • Jester (unreleased)
  • Unlimited Baja (unreleased)
  • Vendetta (unreleased)

(Some of these titles came from an article on The Free Library that is no longer online and was not saved by the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. [10])

Viridis also developed CyberCAD, a 3D graphics engine that was used in several of its titles. [11]