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Sup. I'm Foxhack, aka that dude who is everywhere and nowhere. I'm mostly here to leave notes about the stuff I find out while doing credits at MobyGames. Feel free to yell at me if anything is wrong.

NJK Techno

The PS1 (and potentially PC) port of Puzzle Bobble 4 / Bust-A-Move 4 has what seem to be the real names of a few NJK Techno staff:

PB4 AC Character Design: Miyabi = Tashiro Miyabi (same role in PB4 PS1)
PB4 AC Programmer: Nak (NJK Techno) = Nobutake Nakamura (PB 4 PS1 Programmer)
PB3 AC: Maru (NJK Techno) = very likely Hiroshi Maruyama (PB 4 PS1/AC Programmer)

A hex editor check of the Puzzle Bobble 4 PC port released by Interplay (maybe developed by CyberFront?) reveals the credits seem to resemble the PS1 ones, but they are not stored sequentially. Someone would have to beat that game to be sure.

Sources: PB4 Arcade Credits, PB4 PS1 Credits, Arcade-History credits for PB3 Foxhack (talk) 00:15, 23 April 2020 (UTC)