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TRISYS Incorporated (株式会社トライシス) is a Sapporo, Hokkaido-based programming contractor established September 1996 and headed by Haruhiko Hosono (細野晴彦). The company's primary business was originally automation systems development, but switched to games programming in 1998.

Many of the company's clients are also based in Sapporo; it was for many years a subcontractor for Hudson, and today does work for NDcube and h.a.n.d.


  • Bomberman (support?) (JP Publisher: Hudson; US/EU/AU Publisher: Ubisoft)
Developer: Racjin
  • Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days (some programming) (JP/US/EU Publisher: Square Enix)
Developer: h.a.n.d.

Game Boy Advance

  • Bomberman Jetters: Game Collection (some programming?) (JP Publisher: Hudson)
  • Oriental Blue: Ao no Tengai (some programming) (JP Publisher: Nintendo)
Developer: Hudson; Production: Red


  • LuLu (JP Publisher: Tohokushinsa)
The company's old website says they developed four titles for the PlayStation, but this is the only one that was released.

PlayStation 2

  • Suikoden V (some programming) (JP/US/EU Publisher: Konami)
Developer: Hudson
  • Tengai Makyou III: Namida (some programming) (JP Publisher: Hudson)

PlayStation Portable

  • Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Collection (JP Publisher: Hudson)
  • Soldier Collection (JP Publisher: Hudson)
  • Tengai Makyou Collection (JP Publisher: Hudson)


  • Kororinpa 2: Anthony to Kiniro Himawari no Tane / Marble Saga: Kororinpa / Marbles! Balance Challenge (some programming) (JP/US/EU Publisher: Hudson)
  • Pit Crew Panic! [WiiWare] (Hudson)
Design Support: G-Style; Sound: Joedown
  • SameGame Wii / Pop 'Em Drop 'Em Samegame [WiiWare] (Hudson)
  • Tamagotchi no Furi Furi Kagekidan! (programming support?) (JP Publisher: Bandai)
Developer: h.a.n.d.
  • Tamagotchi no Pika Pika Daitouryou! / Tamagotchi: Party On! (programming support?) (JP/EU Publisher: Bandai; US Publisher: Namco Bandai Games)
Developer: h.a.n.d.

Xbox 360

  • Every Party (support?) (JP Publisher: Microsoft)
Developer: Game Republic