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Possible share staff between B-Wings and Karate Champ (Nintendo versions)?

When collecting an extra life on the Famicom version of B-Wings, we hear the exact same sound/music of when pausing the game on NES/FDS version of Karate Champ.

Karate Champ is mentioned on SAS Sakata's work list whereas B-Wings isn't.

There could be be four possible scenarios.

1) B-Wings was developed by Sas Sakata and they forgot to include it on their work list.

2) Karate Champ wasn't developed at all by Sas Sakata and they've included it by mistake.

3) Sas Sakata converted Karate Champ in 1988 to the FDS in Japan, but the original NES game released in 1986 in America was developed by Data East.

4) Karate Champ was co-developed by Data East and Sas Sakata, while B-Wings was developed purely by Data East.

Could GDRI perform a code comparison on these two games to find out who are the actual developers of these two games?


It would be more accurate to call SAS a co-developer on any of the games listed in the entry as they were only involved with the game programming (and not sound programming). B-Wings has credits (with no roles given), and there are at least two sound people from Data East listed: Azusa Hara and Yukihiko Kitahara. I would guess the sound on B-Wings and Karate Champ was done internally. CRV (talk) 00:41, 16 January 2017 (CET)

Burgertime and Karate Champ

SAS Sakata's website only list on its work list Burgertime on the NES and Karate Champ on the FDS. SAS Sakata makes no references to the NES Karate Champ or the FDS Burgertime.

Could it be possible that the NES Karate Champ and/or the FDS Burgertime versions may have been totally developed by Data East?

Karate Champ for the NES is not 100% identical to the FDS version of Karate CHamp. The two versions have some subtle differences in terms of sound and the pause music is not the same. Could it be possible that the NES Karate Champ was programmed in 1986 by Data East and then reprogrammed by SAS Sakata for the FDS in 1988?

As for Burgertime, the FDS version is identical to the Famicom version (save for Data East's name replacing Namco's on the titlescreen). But that does not necessarily mean that SAS Sakata was involved in the FDS Burgertime. It's possible that Data East did entirely the conversion to the FDS. I was the one who added the FDS Burgertime to the entry back in June 2016 but I now kind of regret of making that edit.

Wouldn't it be better to remove the NES Karate Champ and the FDS Burgertime from the entry and only leave the NES Burgertime and FDS Karate Champ?

Note I'm not denying any SAS Sakata's potential involvement with the NES Karate Champ and the FDS Burgertime. I'm just saying that these specific versions are not listed on SAS's website and probably should be removed from the entry since we don't know if SAS Sakata was involved in them.