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Drop Off

Shouldn't Drop Rock Hora Hora / Drop Off just be marked in red like Super F1 Circus / Super F1 Circus Limited? The evidence that Cream developed this game is very vague. It basically is limited to a font that is the same as Bullfight and allegedly initials from Cream staffers on the "High Score Credits" (which that in itself hardly qualifies as development to begin with). The game itself even says that it was "Programmed by Data East".

If it was up to me, Drop Off would be removed altogether from the entry. But it probably is better to put it in red than leaving it in black with the ambiguity there currently is about a link between that game and Cream. Or maybe there is some other research methods that I'm unaware of (eg:hidden data, code comparisons, etc) that have made come to a conclusion that Drop Off was developed by Cream.

In the case of Super F1 Circus, there is only one piece of evidence: it's listed on someone's resume. There is nothing else tying it to Cream. For all we know, they may have been referring to the sequels, or even the Mega CD game. As for Drop Off, we have the font, we have the initials, and we have ISCO's involvement in it, not to mention the general quality of the game. CRV (talk) 17:46, 8 January 2017 (CET)