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andlabs said ...

<comment date="2013-04-25T15:28:15Z" name="andlabs" url="" signature="Andlabs (talk)"> His description of the backdoor is incomplete. Here's the full one; the function that handles it is at $15AA in the ROM. 1) On the Select Number of Players screen, hold C. 2) Press right 9 times. 3) With C held, press A to add one and B to subtract one from a number that will only appear at the top of the screen once you press A or B once. Your range is from 01 to 0B (hex). This number tells you both which level you start at. There appears to be some unused code at $1622 that plays a sound (I guess when you press A or B?). </comment>

andlabs said ...

<comment date="2013-04-25T15:31:00Z" name="andlabs" url="" signature="Andlabs (talk)"> Oops; that unused code just sets the counter to 0B, nothing too special :/ </comment>

CRV said ...

<comment date="2013-04-26T12:42:19Z" name="CRV" url="" signature="CRV (talk)"> There are at least two versions of Frogger. My cartridge copy has an additional Konami copyright and no second score display (that eventually goes away in the video above). </comment> <endFeed />