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wizforest talks about working on CD-i titles at Atelier Double. [1] CRV (talk) 04:33, 12 April 2018 (UTC)

I have a suspicion. I already determined that Mega Man's Soccer had a sound driver by this company by determining the method used to play the music. I have a game that has an unknown developer that may have a sound driver by Atelier Double. The game is Takemiya Masaki Kudan no Igo Taishou. The reason is because of this piece of code:

A9 02 8D 00 1E A9 0A 8D 02 1E 22 04 80 02

This piece of code found in Mega Man's Soccer says roughly the same thing (this is the exact piece of code that I used to invent a music modifier by replacing 29 FF 00 with A9 xx 00):

29 FF FF F0 0F 8D 02 08 A9 02 00 8D 00 08 22 04 80 83

Both use 02 as a play music command, and 01 is a play SFX command if I remember correctly. Thus, I think Atelier Double was at least partially involved with Takemiya Masaki Kudan no Igo Taishou. The extent is not known because there is no staff roll in the game, and I have yet to find any sort of staff roll in the game if there were a secret staff roll. KungFuFurby 21:03, 14 December 2011 (CST)

Have a feeling they went under due to a development deal with EA going sour (unsure of the details, but I believe it was a sports title). Shirtly after they went under, 1/some of the key members formed a new company called Sawanao, which has now changed names again (I don't recall the current name). I believe they are mainly a graphics outsourcing company (have a feeling Atelier Double was mainly doing this too). --[email protected] 23:33, 20 August 2009 (CDT)

The only company started by a former Atelier Double employee I know of is Asobi Create. CRV 04:06, 21 August 2009 (CDT)