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Taki's logo circa the late 1990s

Not to be confused with Taki Corporation (株式会社タキコーポレーション), which published games under the "Wishbone" brand

Taki Corporation was a Japanese marketing and design company. It was briefly involved in video games in the late 1990s, publishing and developing only two titles for the original PlayStation.

Taki's game development team was apparently called Visual Art Laboratory ("VAL" for short), though this name only appears on one game — its first, Battle Master.

(In 2021, Taki Corporation [株式会社たき工房; Kabushiki Kaisha Taki Koubou] merged with five other Taki group companies to form the current Taki Corporation [株式会社たきコーポレーション; Kabushiki Kaisha Taki Corporation]. [1])

Research Methods: Actual mentions, online resources


  • Acid (JP Publisher: Taki)
Programming: 7 Computerised Creations; Some Programming: Eye On?
  • Battle Master (JP Publisher: Taki)
  • Dagashiya Kid (unreleased) (Taki)