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TMQ Software, Inc. ("Trade Mark of Quality" [1]) was incorporated on March 4, 1981. Tod Zipnick was the president. One of the company's major products was a database management system called File-Fax. [2] It was also involved with contract game development [3] and the development of computerized market research devices for A.C. Nielsen. [4]

In 1983, Zipnick started a company called ICOM Systems, which carried on the business with Nielsen. [5] In 1985, Zipnick sold most of his shares and set up ICOM Simulations. [6]

Research Methods: Actual mentions, online resources


  • Chase the Chuck Wagon (US Publisher: Spectravision)
Subcontracted to programmer Michael Schwartz

Apple II

  • Galactic Prospector (US Publisher: Disney) [Dan Repich]
  • Moon Patrol (US Publisher: Atarisoft) [Dan Repich]
  • Ms. Pac-Man (US Publisher: Atarisoft) [Steve Hays] [7]
  • Pig Pen (US Publisher: Datamost)
  • Rescue on Fractalus! (US Publisher: Lucasfilm Games; UK Publisher: Activision) [Craig Seastrom]
  • Robotron: 2084 (US Publisher: Atarisoft) [Steve Hays]

Commodore 64

  • Ms. Pac-Man (US Publisher: Atarisoft) [Joe Alter] [8]


  • Hard Hat Mack (US Publisher: Electronic Arts) [Kevin Gilmore, Dana How]
  • Pig Pen (US Publisher: Datamost)


  • Galactic Chase (US Publisher: Panasonic)
  • Joe Junk Man (US Publisher: Panasonic)
  • Pig Pen (US Publisher: Pansonic)
  • Rat Patrol (US Publisher: Pansonic)