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Tokyo Denshi Sekei (TDS) (or Tokyo Denshi Sekkei) (東京電子設計株式会社) was a technology company in Tokyo that was later involved in the development of high-speed image processing and high-speed communication systems. [1] The predecessor of TDS was established in December 1977; TDS was established as a corporation in 1982. [2]

In 1998, Canon bought a majority stake in TDS. [3] The company was renamed Canon i-tech in 2002. [4] On April 1, 2018, Canon i-tech was merged into Canon Imaging Systems. [5]

TDS made three arcade games early in its history. Black Beetles and Cosmo also mention an entity called MINTS, which refers to the names of the members of the development staff (see Black Beetles). Whether this was an internal or external group is unknown.

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