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Sunware Development Co. of Las Vegas, Nevada, primarily made conversions for leading publishers. The programmers eventually became fed up with management and left the company, causing it to collapse.

As this was happening, Sunware was working on an important conversion, Pitfall! for the Commodore 64. Activision ended up suing and brought in programmer Peter Filiberti (Nightraiders) to finish the game. Filiberti later started Applied Computer Technology.

Research Methods: Actual mentions, interviews

Atari 8-bit

  • In Search of the Most Amazing Thing (US Publisher: Spinnaker)
  • Nightraiders (US Publisher: Datamost)

Commodore 64

  • Snooper Troops: Case #1: The Granite Point Ghost (US Publisher: Spinnaker)
  • Snooper Troops: Case #2: The Disappearing Dolphin (US Publisher: Spinnaker)
  • Up for Grabs (US Publisher: Spinnaker)


  • Crazy Mazey (US Publisher: Panasonic)
  • Roundabout (US Publisher: Panasonic)
  • Solitaire (US Publisher: Panasonic)
  • Type Attack! (US Publisher: Panasonic)
  • Vortex! (US Publisher: Panasonic)