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Solitare Group was started in the early 1980s by Jaime Cummins with Randy Jongens and Bill Hopper. [1]

It was incorporated as Solitare Group, Inc. on February 10, 1984. Loretta Dipol Cummins was the president. [2]

Research Methods: Actual mentions


  • Blueprint (US Publisher: CBS Electronics)

Atari 8-bit

  • Andromeda (US Publisher: Gebelli Software)
  • Droids (US Publisher: TG Software)
  • Embargo (US Publisher: Gebelli Software)
  • Match Racer (US Publisher: Gebelli Software)
  • Nightstrike (US Publisher: TG Software)
  • Pathfinder (US Publisher: Gebelli Software)
  • Track Attack! (US Publisher: Brøderbund Software)


  • The Seven Cities of Gold (US Publisher: Electronic Arts)
  • Will Harvey's Music Construction Set (US Publisher: Electronic Arts)