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Shen Technologies SARL was a developer in Paris, France, with roots in Constellations, an Atari ST demogroup that included programmer Elysée Adé. Adé was able to obtain an Atari Jaguar development kit through the company Virtual Xpérience, and subsequently he and his team were able to make the racing game Super Burnout. With the money they were paid prior to its release, they founded Shen. After developing two soccer games for the PlayStation, Shen shut down by the end of 1998. For a more in-depth account of the company's history, read here.

Research Methods: Actual mentions, online resources, interviews


  • Stellar X / Nexus (unreleased)
  • Super Burnout (US Publisher: Atari)


  • Adidas Power Soccer 2 (EU Publisher: Psygnosis)
  • Adidas Power Soccer 98 (EU/US Publisher: Psygnosis)


  • Adidas Power Soccer 98 (EU Publisher: Psygnosis)
  • Need for Speed: High Stakes / Need For Speed: Road Challenge (intro graphics) (US/EU Publisher: Electronic Arts) [1] [2]
Also worked on Motor City Online? [3]