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Rutubo Games (ゲームのるつぼ有限会社) was established in 1994 by Masatoshi Hashimoto (橋本雅俊), along with a team of programmers including Shinichiro Mukaigashira (向頭真一郎), Tetsu Matsushima (松島徹), and Takeshi Maeda (前田武志); several of the staff had previously worked at Dempa Shimbunsha. The company was originally based in Osaka, but has since moved to Tokyo. Game development was moved to another company called Rutubo Game Works Co., Ltd. (るつぼゲームワークス有限会社) around 2010, while the systems infrastructure work appears to still be done by Rutubo Games.

The company was best known for their high-quality ports of arcade titles to home computers and consoles, but more recently has provided programming and online infrastructure support for arcade titles. Hashimoto and Mukaigashira left sometime before 2005 to start Gotch Technology; Matsushima heads the company today.


  • After Burner Complete / After Burner (JP/US/EU Publisher: Sega)
  • Space Harrier (JP/US/EU Publisher: Sega)


  • Dragon Chronicle Online: Tenkuu Daikessen (programming? online support?) (Namco)
  • EN-Eins: Kanzen Sekai (programming?) (Subtle Style)
  • Kidou Senshi Gundam: Senjou no Kizuna (programming? online support?) (Banpresto)


  • Shenmue: Isshou Yokosuka / Shenmue / US Shenmue (arcade game ports) (JP/US/EU Publisher: Sega)
  • Shenmue II (arcade game ports) (JP/EU Publisher: Sega)
  • Street Fighter III: Double Impact (JP/US/EU Publisher: Capcom)
  • Twinkle Star Sprites (JP Publisher: SNK)


  • Tokkou Kuubo Beluga MkII (JP Publisher: Tiny Project)

PlayStation Vita

  • Tokkou Kuubo Beluga (co-developed with M2) (JP Publisher: Sega)
Remake of the PC-6001 title, included in Ryuu ga Gotoku 0 Free to Play App


  • After Burner II (JP Publisher: Sega)
  • Fantasy Zone (JP Publisher: Sega)
  • Fighter's History Dynamite (JP Publisher: Sega)
  • OutRun (JP Publisher: Sega)
  • Sega Ages (EU Publisher: Sega; US Publisher: Working Designs)
  • Space Harrier (JP Publisher: Sega)
  • The King of Fighters '95 (JP/EU Publisher: SNK)
  • X-Men: Children of the Atom (JP Publisher: Capcom; US/EU Publisher: Acclaim)


  • Tokkou Kuubo Beluga (co-developed with M2) (JP Publisher: Rutubo Game Works)
Doujin re-release of the PS Vita remake
  • Tokkou Kuubo Beluga MkII (JP Publisher: Rutubo Game Works)