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Quality Software was founded in mid-1978 [1] by Bob Christiansen and Bob Pierce, who met at Lockheed. [2] It was incorporated as Q.S.I., Inc. on October 30, 1980, and voluntarily dissolved on October 29, 1992.

Research Methods: Online resources

Apple II

  • Battlezone (US Publisher: Atarisoft) [James Albanese]
  • Donkey Kong Jr. (unreleased) (Atarisoft)
  • The Return of Heracles (US Publisher: Quality Software) [Jeff Weinstein] [3]


  • Donkey Kong Jr. (unreleased) (Atarisoft)
  • Ms. Pac-Man (US Publisher: Atarisoft) [Bob Christiansen (producer), Bob Pierce (lead programmer), Jeff Weinstein (additional programming)] [4]