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Punk Development was a subsidiary and product development arm of publisher RazorSoft.

Based in Sunnyvale, CA, Punk Development was founded by Jeff Spangenberg (who later started Iguana Entertainment) and served as the product development arm for Oklahoma-based RazorSoft.

In August 1991, Sega Enterprises, Ltd. sued RazorSoft and Punk Development, claiming breach of contract, conspiracy, fraud, unauthorized use of copyrights, trademarks and logos, and misappropriation of intellectual properties. [1] Programmer Kevin Seghetti recalls that the lawsuit might have been over RazorSoft manufacturing its "own cartridges for Stormlord, instead of paying Sega to do it."

Research Methods: Actual mentions, interviews (see below)

Interviews: Lars Norpchen, Kevin Seghetti

Mega Drive/Genesis

  • Death Duel (US Publisher: RazorSoft)
  • Stormlord (US Publisher: RazorSoft; JP Publisher: Micro World)
  • Technocop (US Publisher: RazorSoft)
  • Vampire Killer (unreleased) (RazorSoft)