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One of several satellite studios operated by Psygnosis outside the Liverpool HQ after their acquisition by Sony. The Leeds studio was established in 1996 and closed in 2001.

Research Methods: Online resources (see Links), shared staff, direct mentions


  • Colony Wars: Red Sun / Colony Wars III: Red Sun (EU Publisher: Sony; US Publisher: Midway)
  • Global Domination (EU Publisher: Psygnosis)
  • Retro Force (EU Publisher: Psygnosis)
  • Wip3out (EU Publisher: Sony; US Publisher: Psygnosis)
  • Wip3out Special Edition (EU Publisher: Sony)

PlayStation 2

  • Rogue (unreleased)
  • Stunt Dudes (unreleased)
  • Untitled first-person shooter (unreleased)


  • Global Domination (US/EU Publisher: Psygnosis)
  • Lemmings Revolution (US/EU Publisher: Take 2)
  • Prophecy (unreleased)