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On-Time Software Inc. was started by four ex-Roklan employees — Paul Crowley, Joe Gaucher, Cameron Shaffer, and Jack Verson — after that company folded. It was incorporated in California on May 2, 1984 [1], and originally based in Illinois. Shaffer continues to run the company in California. [2]

Research Methods: Online resources, interviews


  • James Bond 007 (US Publisher: Parker Brothers) [Joe Gaucher, Louis Marbel] [3]


  • James Bond 007 (US Publisher: Parker Brothers) [Paul Crowley]
  • Up 'n Down (US Publisher: Sega) [Paul Crowley]

Commodore 64

  • Time Tunnel ("help") (US Publisher: Celery Software; UK Publisher: U.S. Gold)
Developer: Applied Systems Engineering