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Nazca Corporation (株式会社ナスカ) was a subsidiary of SNK based in Suita, Osaka, that specialized in developing games for the Neo Geo. The company was established on May 2, 1994 (Game Machine 1994/6/1, pg. 7), following Irem's restructuring that included a reduction of its video game development department. (Game Machine 1994/4/15, pg. 26) President Yoshihiko Kodo (高堂良彦) (Game Machine 1994/6/1, pg. 7) was an Irem executive who retired in December 1993 (Game Machine 1994/2/15, pg. 26); much of the staff also came from there.

In December 1995, Kodo was promoted to president of SNK (Game Machine 1996/2/1, pg. 22), but would continue to serve as president of Nazca. On October 1, 1996, Nazca was merged into SNK. The development staff of about 30 was folded into SNK's development department. (Game Machine 1996/10/15, pg. 7)

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Neo Geo

  • Big Tournament Golf / Neo Turf Masters
  • Metal Slug