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Mitchell Corporation (株式会社ミッチェル) is a company headed by Roy Ozaki (尾崎ロイ). [1] It was established on February 1, 1960, by his father and was originally involved in ship building. After his father died, Ozaki and his partner Koichi Niida (仁井田耕一), both of whom previously worked for Data East and TAD, took over in the late 1980s and began distributing arcade PCBs.[1]

In addition to developing video games, Mitchell worked on other products such as coin pushers for Capcom and software for an educational book company.[1] All research and development ceased on November 20, 2012, but Mitchell remained an active company [2] and even attempted to license out its game properties. [3] Mitchell's current status is unknown, however, as its website is no longer online.

Research Methods: Actual mentions, online resources, print, shared staff


  • Gyouretsu Nageloop / Tokyo Crash Mobs [eShop] (JP/KR/US/EU Publisher: Nintendo)
  • Kana Domino Taisen [eShop] (unreleased) [4]


  • Cannon Dancer / Osman
  • Charlie Ninja
  • Chatan Yarakuu Shanku / The Karate Tournament
  • Choukou
Music Composition: Paon
  • Doko Demo Issyo: Toro no Osakanya Tsuri [medal game] (Capcom) [5]
  • Donkey Kong: Banana Kingdom [medal game] (Capcom) [6]
  • Donkey Kong: Jungle Fever [medal game] (Capcom) [7]
  • Double-Wings
  • Funky Jet
  • Gamshara
  • Ganbare! Gonta!! 2 / Party Time: Gonta the Diver II
  • Kono e Tako / Kono Taco
  • Mighty! Pang
Sound: Paon
  • Moeyo Gonta!! / Lady Killer
  • Puzz Loop
  • Puzz Loop 2
  • Sankokushi
  • Sotsugyo Shousho!
  • Youjuu Mahjong Den / Mirage


  • Ato Nannichi? Kazoeru Nintendo DSi Calendar / Nintendo Countdown Calendar [DSiWare] (JP/US/EU Publisher: Nintendo) [8]
  • Chokkan Hitofude / Polarium (JP/EU/AU/US/AS Publisher: Nintendo)
  • Chotto Sujin Taisen / Sujin Taisen: Number Battles / Number Battle / Sujin Taisen [DSiWare] (JP/EU/US Publisher: Nintendo; AS Publisher: iQue)
  • Kakon de Keshite: Wakugumi no Jikan / Wakugumi: Monochrome Puzzle [DSiWare] (JP/EU Publisher: Nintendo)
  • Motto Hayaku! Seikaku Ni! Suu Sense Keisan Ryuoku Up Training: SuuTore (JP Publisher: Benesse)
  • Pang: Magical Michael (AU/EU Publisher: Rising Star Games)
  • Shunkan Puzz Loop / Magnetica / Actionloop (JP/US/EU Publisher: Nintendo)


  • Choukou
  • GY-16
  • MU
  • Ore no Sora
  • Puzz Loop
  • R Jan-123
  • Space Away

Game Boy Advance

  • Tsuukin Hitofude / Polarium Advance (JP/EU Publisher: Nintendo; US Publisher: Atlus)

Game Boy Color

  • Ballistic / Puzz Loop (US Publisher: Infogrames; JP Publisher: Capcom)
  • Rockman X: Cyber Mission / Mega Man Xtreme (programming) (JP/US/EU Publisher: Capcom)
The sequel can be seen on the shelf in the picture linked below, but that was apparently programmed by Value Wave.

Neo Geo Pocket

  • Puzz Loop (unreleased)


  • Ballistic (US Publisher: Infogrames)


  • Ballistic / Puzz Loop (US Publisher: Infogrames; JP Publisher: Capcom; EU Publisher: THQ)
  • Street Fighter Collection 2 / Capcom Generation Dai-5-Shuu: Kakutouka-tachi (US/JP/EU Publisher: Capcom)
Seen in the shelf picture linked below

Plus e

  • Choukou
  • Kono e Tako
  • Puzz Loop
  • Puzz Loop e!


  • Capcom Generation Dai-5-Shuu: Kakutouka-tachi (JP Publisher: Capcom)
Seen in the shelf picture linked below
  • Street Fighter Collection (JP/US/EU Publisher: Capcom; BR Publisher: Tec Toy)
Seen in Untold History. Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold has "consumer staff" credits that do not suggest Mitchell involvement, at least in that particular title. [9]
  • Street Fighter Zero 3 (JP Publisher: Capcom)
It's claimed Mitchell worked on this in Untold History, but the credits suggest otherwise. [10]


  • Minna de Puzzloop / Actionloop Twist / Magnetica Twist (JP/EU/AU/US Publisher: Nintendo)
  • Wii Play: Motion / Wii RemoCon Plus: Variety ("Treasure Twirl," "Unicycle") (US/EU/AU/JP/KR Publisher: Nintendo) [11]

Further reading

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